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4.1 Completion commands

Completion commands are used to perform actions while completing. They are normal commands (interactive functions) which are bound to a key sequence in vcomplete-command-map.

— User Option: vcomplete-no-update-commands

List of commands which shouldn't cause the *Completions* buffer to update.

— Variable: vcomplete-command-map

Key map which holds key bindings to completion commands. This key map should be available whenever completion is initiated.

— Function: vcomplete-current-completion pos

Get the completion candidate at POS. The completion candidate is returned as a list of the form:


If no completion is found, this function returns nil. Note that this function throws an error when the major mode of the buffer from which it is called isn't derived from completion-list-mode.

— Macro: vcomplete-with-completions-buffer body...

Evaluate BODY with the *Completions* buffer temporarily current. While evaluating BODY, BUFFER and WINDOW are locally bound to the *Completions* buffer and window respectively. This macro can be used to easily manipulate or access the contents of the *Completions* buffer. If there is no *Completions* buffer or no window displaying it BODY isn't executed.