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4 Customization

All customization, except for defining custom completion commands can be done through the customize interface:

M-x customize-group RET vcomplete RET
— User Option: vcomplete-auto-update

Whether the *Completions* buffer should open and update automatically. Non-nil means automatically open and update. Otherwise, operate according to completion-auto-help. By default, t is used. Note that with completions-detailed (introduced in Emacs 28) enabled, the *Completions* buffer takes much more time to display. This is also true for other “annotation providers” such as the Marginalia package. Consider disabling them or this option on slow computers.

— User Option: vcomplete-search-range

Range of search for a *Completions* window during completion. A value of t means consider all windows on all frames, visible means consider all windows on all visible frames, 0 (the number zero) means consider all windows on all visible and iconified frames and any other value means consider only the currently selected frame. By default, visible is used.