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4 Customization

All customization, except for defining custom completion commands can be done through the customize interface:

M-x customize-group RET vcomplete RET
User Option: vcomplete-auto-update

Whether the *Completions* buffer should open and update automatically. Non-nil means automatically open and update. Otherwise, operate according to completion-auto-help. By default, t is used. Note that with completions-detailed (introduced in Emacs 28) enabled, the *Completions* buffer takes much more time to display. This is also true for other “annotation providers” such as the Marginalia package. Consider disabling them or this option on slow computers.

User Option: vcomplete-search-range

Range of search for a *Completions* window during completion. A value of t means consider all windows on all frames, visible means consider all windows on all visible frames, 0 (the number zero) means consider all windows on all visible and iconified frames and any other value means consider only the currently selected frame. By default, 0 is used. In Emacs 29+ this option is unavailable since built-in functions and macros are used, which don’t respect its value. The built-in functions use the equivalent of setting this option to 0.

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